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04.09.2021 New Photo Sets

Photo Set 57 At the Fireplace
Photo Set 56 Red Apple and White Lingerie
Info about updates on the homepage
Photo Set 55 Photoshooting with Ludmilla
Photo Set 54 Canarian Island

04.02.2023 New Videos

Video 104 Red Apple and White Lingerie Second Part
Video 103 Photoshooting in Kiev First Part
Video 102 In Rothenburg
Video 101 At the Fireplace

Hello, my name is Pamela. I welcome you to my home on the web.

Great suffering affects the people of Ukraine. A war in the middle of Europe could never have been imagined in the 21st century. Who would have thought that after the Second World War some people didn't learn anything.

I have put together some scenes to show the suffering and destruction that is befalling my country. With this link Ukraine März 2022 you can download the short video.

I hope that Russia will soon see the point and that peace will reign again. If you want to support me, you can send me a small donation via Paypal to pamela@pamela-amp.com:

I am very grateful to you for that!

If you have any suggestions for photos or videos please write me via my contact page. I will try to create them for you, but I won't do nudes.

I finished a video with impressions of my home country Ukraine:


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