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26.12.2017 New Photo Sets

Photo Set 41 Fairy in the Forest
Photo Set 40 In the Beer Garden
Photo Set 39 Sexy Photo Shooting
Photo Set 38 Azur Third Part

07.04.2018 New Videos

Clip 10 Videochat
Clip 9 Shopping
Video 62 In the Beer Garden Second Part
Video 61 Fairy in the Forest   

Later I gave birth to two sons. They are now (2014) 7 and 9 years old. They are the biggest love in my life. Life is very difficult for a handicapped person, especially when my children ask to play with me. They always ask me, "Mom, when will you have legs?" Pain compresses my heart when I cannot do the things with my sons which are normal for mothers.

Many friends have supported me to develop and realize this page, and I thank them for their kindness.

I ask that you be respectful gentlemen and you NOT copy, share or resell my product to others.

I sincerely thank all or you for buying my pictures and videos!

A terrible accident happened to me in 2005 at the Kiev train station. In the evening, as I hurried home, I saw a familiar train. I rushed to get into the car, but it was very slippery on the platform, and I stumbled and fell.

At the same moment, the driver engaged the engine and moved the cars. Nobody had time to help me get out from the gap I had fallen into. The train dragged me a few meters. It was horrible, but I thought to myself, "I want to live!" and struggled to stay conscious. When the ambulance came, I lost consciousness.

When I awoke in the hospital, I threw off the blanket because I wanted to get up, but I did not have any legs. I was shocked and did not understand where they were. The doctors explained that they could not save my legs and had to amputate them to save my life. It was hard to believe that I did not have them anymore, especially since I could still feel them but could not move them to get out of the bed. I cried a lot, and I had tremendous pain! How would I live without my legs? But I resolved that I would learn to live as I now was.



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