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FAQ - Frequently asked questions
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26.12.2017 neue Fotosets

Photo Set 41 Fairy in the Forest
Photo Set 40 In the Beer Garden
Photo Set 39 Sexy Photo Shooting
Photo Set 38 Azur Third Part

07.04.2018 neue Videos und Clips

Clip 10 Videochat
Clip 9 Shopping
Video 62 In the Beer Garden Second Part
Video 61 Fairy in the Forest   

What is your weight?
Normally a woman does not talk about her weight, but I will. My weight before my accident was 50 kg. Now after the accident my weight is between 38 kg and 40 kg.

What is your height?
My height before my accident was 1,65m depending on the shoes sometimes 1,70m. Now after the accident my height is 1,10m.

I am often asked about a partnership or marriage:
Please do not make any queries about this, I will not answer.

I will also often be asked for a personal meeting:
It is not possible to meet me personally. Queries about this I will also not answer.

In addition, there are questions about a video chat via Skype, or if you can call me:
I do not want to call or offer a video chat.

Do you have phantom pain?
Yes, sometimes I have phantom pain in my stumps.

What you think about devotees?
I like them. For me, to be a devotee is nothing strange in 21st century. Everything is normal for humans but I like to be sexy for my devotee friends. Otherwise I wouldn’t run this site. For others I'm just a disabled woman.

Are you married?

Do you have children?
Yes, I have two sons.

Yours Pamela


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